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Secret Weapons Of Commodore Update


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  Secret Weapons Of Commodore Update by Bill Degnan - 07/01/2007 15:00
POSTED ORIGINALLY ON cbm-hackers mailing list by Cameron Kaiser * Floodgap Systems *

It's late. It's really late. But it's done, and the 13th edition of the
Secret Weapons of Commodore is released.

The Secret Weapons of Commodore is devoted to rare, unusual or just plain
interesting Commodore peripherals, computers and prototypes, with historical
and technical information on their development, specifications and fates.

This edition is dedicated in memory of Jim Butterfield, who helped out with
a number of entries on SWoC previously, and as many know lost his battle
with cancer just recently.

This edition also includes the units shown at VCF East 4.0 at the PET 30th

Here's what's Newly Discovered:

New entries:
- multiple internationalized 128s (thanks Nicolas Welte and friends) for
Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy with pictures!,
- Drean DC-320,
- Danish 64 (thanks Christian Lyng) with pictures!,
- 1571CR (thanks Wolfgang Moser, Spiro Trikaliotis) with pictures!,
- Music Maker II (64 and 128),
- "VIC-16" (thanks Bob Russell) with pictures!,
- Tseng PET Graphics Board (thanks Bob Russell) with pictures!,
- VC 40 IEEE-4888 Cartridge (thanks Bob Russell) with pictures!
- Swedish 610 (thanks Anders Carlsson) with pictures!,
- Swedish PET 700 [720] (thanks Anders Carlsson) with pictures!,
- TED Developer Prototype (thanks Anders Carlsson, Bil Herd)
with pictures!,
- Commodore Light Pen,
- C64 80 Column Card (VDC Cartridge) (thanks Jon Mines) with pictures!,

New pictures:
- complete PET 64 (thanks Bryan Pope),
- 128 Prototype (thanks Bil Herd),
- DX-64 (magazine scan running an SX-100 demo?),
- LCD (thanks Bil Herd),
- 128D/81 (thanks Al Anger),
- 1551 manual scans and Jim Butterfield with the 1551 at CES,
- PET 8061 8" (thanks Leo/George Page),
- MDS 2040 disk drive (thanks Leo/George Page),
- Sound Expander retakes,
- 116 retakes,
- Digi-Drum magazine scan,
- "Music Synthesizer" magazine scan,
- BX 8088 processor board (thanks Bruce Faierson),
- 264 (thanks Bil Herd),

New audio!
- MP3 audio for Sound Expander, and two for Magic Voice (access-controlled:
please follow prompts);

- revised early Commodore history based on Chuck Peddle's comments at VCFE4
and E-mail;
- updated current Commodore events;
- reorganized 4064/PET 64/Educator 64 taxonomy;
- additional 65 history;
- Ira Velinsky's case designs (with some details provided by his family);
- large rewrite to SFX series;
- two Color PETs;
- additional portable 64s (thanks Nicolas Welte);
- VIC-40: codename or real product? (with On the Edge);
- additional SuperPET history (thanks Dave Dunfield, Heinz Wolter),
- technical details on Ultimax;
- additional 264 series info (thanks Dave Haynie, Bil Herd);
- plus the usual various custodial updates, link corrections and typo fixes.

I'm sure this will jog people's memories and new details will emerge, so
watch the site for a post-update shortly. For now, it's at



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