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CBM IEEE Drive Inventory / Repair Notes


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  CBM IEEE Drive Inventory / Repair Notes by Bill Degnan - 06/30/2007 00:11
NOTE: Tandon = door drive levers, otherwise units are "depress to engage" type drives.

-8050 w/ Tandon Drives OK
-8050 w/ Tandon Drives OK boxed
-8050 OK (bench unit)
-8050 OK upgraded DOS 2.7. drive 0 bad
-8050 Not OK
2 more 8050 w/ Tandon Drives, Not OK

1 Tandon 8250 - flakey/partially functional

-Tandon 2040 - OK
-Tandon 2040 - does not power up

-Tandon 2031 -Not OK 3 flashes code

-D9090 - OK (converted to D9060 w/ ST-225)
-D9090 - OK (needs new Tandon 603s)
What's next?

Repair with parts on hand.



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