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4 Sale: Seagate Model 506 HD/Enclosures


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  4 Sale: Seagate Model 506 HD/Enclosures by Bill Degnan - 06/24/2007 15:25

1 Seagate Model 506 Hard Drive - NOS - Tested - Working Condition
2 Clone Computers Brand External Hard Drive Enclosures, not assembled
Build your own External Hard Drive System for a Tandy TRS 80 Model 3

NOT INCLUDED: Directions.

You should have a basic working knowledge of hardware enough to put all of the pieces together. The reason I am selling both enclosures together is to help ensure that buyer can make at least one working external hard drive out of it.

Although the ST 506 has been tested this year and found to have no errors, I offer no warrantee or guarantee the item will work, due to age. I did not test the enclosures.

Bidders with excessive negative or zero feedback, please ask before bidding.
Shipping: You will be contacted
The buyer has the option to take the ST-506 only, if buyer does not need the external enclosures.

  SOLD by Bill Degnan - 07/17/2007 14:47



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