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VAXstation 4000-60


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  VAXstation 4000-60 by Bill Degnan - 10/14/2017 23:01
Can you guess the username and password? I could on the 2nd try. A password as boring as the box. Click image for larger view.

Somewhere along the line DEC stopped trying to make interesting boxes, externally at least. Actually the 4000-60 is a pretty advanced computer, much more powerful than an average PC from 1991. This box would have been pretty expensive too. Click image for larger view.

For example, this VAX has a copy of Spyglass Mosiac installed, which is pretty cutting edge for a 1991 machine. Click image for larger view.

From Wikipedia:

".. It used the KA46 CPU module containing a Mariah chip set operating at 55 MHz (18 ns cycle time) with 256 KB of external cache. It supported 8 to 104 MB of memory, with SIMMs installed in pairs. SIMMs used were the 4 MB MS44L-AA and the 32 MB MS44-DA, which both had parity. It was the first VAX system to use the TURBOchannel interconnect. .."

A few more photos. I have at the moment a expansion unit with a CD ROM installed, should I need to install anything I need.



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