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VCFed August Workshop


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  VCFed August Workshop by Bill Degnan - 08/14/2017 16:55
Lear Siegler ADM-3a Terminal with tan chassis connected to telnet BBS
old terminals had style, eh? This terminal has the lower case ROM and switch cover. Pictured here the screen shows it while connected to the Internet (telnet Level 29 BBS). Note how the font is vertically justified; the lower case characters have to sit centered along a plane so that characters like the lower-case g are raised up. click for larger view.

Lear Siegler ADM3a Terminal with tan chassis
The Lear Siegler ADM-3A terminal, serial driver repaired.

Lear Siegler U4 1488 serial driver socket repaired
This was a pretty stright-forward repair, pictured here is the Lear Siegler ADM3a's mainboard U4 1488 serial driver. Under the board a trace was damaged, preventing the serial signal from reaching the MODEM port. The socket was repaired by Ian P and the terminal was quickly back in business.

Beehive B 105 Terminal Cover
This workshop was mostly terminals. In addition to the ADM-3A pictured above, Ian P worked on another one, Doug worked on a DEC VT-100 and pictured here is the cover of a Beehive B105 Terminal that was also present. I traded this terminal to Ian P and he was able to get it partially functional.

Not many pictures this time, but if you want to see more photos note only photos with file dates of August 2017 were from this workshop, not the February worksho that are in the same directory)



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