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  RX01 notes by Bill Degnan - 08/05/2017 18:23
Digital RX01
Digital RX01 dual 8" disk drive uses IBM 3740 FM format disks.

Recently I was given an RX01 drive and RX11 controller card (M7846) and the PDP 8 equivalent (M8357) but no disks. I need to check out the drive, install the card into an available PDP 11 and/or PDP 8 and make disks from images downloaded from the web, starting with RT-11 for the PDP 11. Quick notes to start off this project:

1. Downloaded EK-RX01-MM-002 manual that describes set up.

2. Page 5-4 "RX11 is not an NPR Device."
3. Page 1-2 "The M7846 plugs into an SPC (small peripheral controller) slot with any PDP-11 processor. "
4. Bootstrap start address is 1000

6. Verify power getting to M7846 correctly here:

7. Clues as to how to set up a bootable OS RT-11 on the RX11 / RX01

8. M9312 ROM command is DX. ROM silkscreen is 23-753A9

9. --

10. RX01 images for UNIBUS including RT-11



more info


How to copy/make RX01 disks using Dunfield's imagedsk program



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