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Vintage Computer Festival East XI


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  Vintage Computer Festival East XI by Bill Degnan - 04/18/2016 08:08
Bill Degnan DEC MicroVAX 3100 VCF East 2016
Here I am next to my DEC MicroVAX 3100 display. I also brought the VAX 4000-200, VT100 and VT220 terminals, a Toshiba T3200SX, and a Zenith minisPORT. Click image for larger view.

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I have exhibited at VCF East since the first one (VCF 3) in N.J. I always have a great time and I really admire the job Evan and the team did to put this together. The speakers were top notch. I got to each dinner with Ted Nelson and we chatted about computer history and what he was up to today. I'll follow up with some of those details, but for now, here are more photos:

Cyclops Popular Electronics kit from 1975
Bill Sudbrink crafted an authentic Popular Electronics Cyclops kit with parts that would only have been available from 1975. It performed perfectly, fantastic work. Click image for larger view.

Here is a nice pick of VCFed Treasurer Corey Cohen doing a demo of the Apple 1 computer. Click image for larger view.

HeathKit Hero Jr
Winner of the "First to Smoke" award, Alexander Pierson and his Heathkit Hero Jr. Robot. Alex is also a pretty good arcade gamer racking up a high score on Asteroids at Silverball in Asbury Park, NJ. Click image for larger view.

Heathkit Z89
Alex Bodnar's Heathkit H89 system with five working drives. Click image for larger view.

The French Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice computer was a TRS 80 MC-10 clone. Click image for larger view.

Ithaca Audio DPS-1
Herb Johnson's Ithaca Audio DPS1. Click image for larger view.

The Victor Lambda computer
Another French 8-bit computer, the Victor Lambda. The French knew how to design for style. Click image for larger view.

Space Command for C-64
Dan Roganti and Jeff Brace's Space Command C-64 LAN network game. I got a chance to try it out, they really worked hard to get this this version done for the show. Click image for larger view.

Xerox 820-II
Mike Loewen's Xerox 820-II system running all of the popular Xerox-ported CP/M office software. Mike also had a working Diablo printer. Click image for larger view.

TRS 80 Model 1 Wiki
TRS 80 Model 1 with Expansion Interface running Galaxy Invasion. Peter & Alex Cetinski brought this model 1 with hardware that connected it to the Internet. They also had a Model 4 running what they call the TRSWiki wiki browser. Click image for larger view.

Plenty more photos here.



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