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SWTPc to Altair 680 program transfer


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  SWTPc to Altair 680 program transfer by Bill Degnan - 02/15/2007 07:51
Are the programs from the SWTPc 6800 interchangeable with the Altair 680? Is there a good web reference that compares these two?

I have a working SWTPc 6800 and "SWTPc/Motorola" teletapes (programs for assembler, editor, etc). My plan is to load the tapes into memory of the SWTPc, perform whatever edits I need to apply while the program is in memory and then re-save to a new teletape for the Altair 680. I would then in theory load the tape on the 680 and viola it will work and the heavens will sing. There are a number of missing pieces to my plan (my teletype has a power problem to be fixed, I have never actually used a teletype before, I need an S I/O card for the Altair 680)...minor issues, ha ha

Stay tuned...

  SWTPc to Altair 680 program transfer by Bill Degnan - 02/15/2007 23:22
...according to the advertisement on the back cover of the July 1976 Byte magazine, the Altair 680 is "..compatible with Motorola 6800 software."

See http://www.virtualaltair...he%20small%20wonder.jpg

  SWTP 4K BASIC on 680b by Bill Degnan - 02/16/2007 22:34
Kilobaud Issue #8 -

THere is an article on page 94 titled "SWTP 4K BASIC Notes...implementing it on the 680b.

"With the machine up and operating with 8K in low memory, the original 1K memory at location A000 and the Mits monitor at FF00, load the linkage from location A100 to A13A. Then load the 4K BASIC and inspect and compare locations 025F through 026C with the original instructions in the table. Replace the original instructions with the ones listed in the RAM column (missing from this post). Using the Mits monitor J command, type J 0100...

contact me if you're interested in a copy of the complete article, or track down Kilobaud Issue #8



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