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MP-S Connector for SWTPc 6800


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  MP-S Connector for SWTPc 6800 by Bill Degnan - 06/19/2013 21:37
Molex connector SWTPc MP-S for RS232
Close up view of the correct wiring for an SWTPc MP-S serial card set for RS232 communications. Click image for larger view.

Note Molex pins 2 and 3 are jumpered together, and so are pins 7 and 10. The bottom of pin 4 has been snipped off to ensure correct insertion into the MP-S card. Wiring for pins 1,5,6 is mapped below. Note also the colors of the wires.

Connector from SWTPc MP-S to RS232 adapter
Closeup of the wires coming from the MP-S connector to an RS232 jack. Click image for larger view.

MP-S Pin RS232 Pin
1 ........ 7
2 ........ -
3 ........ -
4 (molex pin cut off)
5 ........ 2
6 ........ 3
7 ........ -
8 ........ -
9 ........ -
10 ....... -



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