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Commodore B Series Available


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  Commodore B Series Available by Don Correia - 12/12/2006 13:28
I have 2 sets of B-128's with external dual drives, numerous programs from C-bug as well as Supercalc, Superbase, etc., manuals for all, many programs for the units. These units are the keyboard/cpu set up with external monitor and drives. I believe I have at least one of the monitors however I haven’t been able too locate it.
These were used for a number of years in my business and was stored away when I upgraded to PCs. I would like to sell them but have no Idea what to charge for them. They were operating perfectly when I took them out of service approximately 10-15 years ago.
Please contact me if anyone has any interest in these items as I would like to find them a good home before I toss them in the recylce bin at the Landfill. I cut my teeth with these computers and they deserve to be saved. They were something else for their time.

Don Correia,



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