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Franklinstein Apple II clone


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  Franklinstein Apple II clone by Bill Degnan - 12/30/2011 23:22
A Frankenstein Apple II clone consisting of a Franklin Ace1000 chassis, drives, and power supply, Apple /// monitor, and Unitron clone motherboard. The system is running Apple DOS 3.3. Click on image for larger view.

The first clue that this computer is no normal Franklin Ace1000 is the "UNITRON" message that displays when the computer first boots.

The Unitron motherboard is version 658 rev C. Note how it's much smaller than a Franklin motherboard. The Unitron 658 is sized to fit in an Apple II chassis. Click image for larger view.

I washed the chassis, but the Frankin disk drive controller still needs cleaning. The motherboard is not actually attached to the bottom of the chassis, but the Franklin Ace1000 power supply wires are soldered securely. Neither of these issues prevents the system from being fully functional, and loads Apple DOS 3.3 and runs programs, etc.

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