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Compaq Portable 286


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  Compaq Portable 286 by Bill Degnan - 10/18/2011 22:54
The Compaq Portable 286 is one of the rarest Compaq portables, very few were made with "Compaq Portable 286" nameplate.

This system has a 10MB hard drive and came with Compaq DOS, the original manual, and an AST add-on card of some type. The system will overheat after a few minutes. I need to spend more time with this one to get it running properly.


  Compaq Portable 286 by Marc Miranda - 10/22/2011 22:33
Hi! I had a Compaq Portable 286 in 1993, during the time I was living in Alaska. I remember having to operate it outside, in the freezing temperatures because it was outputting too much heat, like a furnace.

Have you measured how much current (Amps) its consuming?



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