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Donner 3500 manual needed


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  Donner 3500 manual needed by keith greenhalgh - 06/03/2011 19:28
I am restoring a donner 3500 but need a manual for it. Does anyone have one? Keith in Victoria

  donner 3500 manual by Bill Degnan - 06/03/2011 23:09
Yes. I am looking for a few crystal patch cables but I do have the manual. I will post asap check back.

  thanks by keith greenhalgh - 06/03/2011 23:48
OK thanks- Keith in Victoria

  Donner Programming Manual by William Higinbotham - 10/04/2011 22:25


  U of D? by Bill Degnan - 10/05/2011 10:12

Are you/were you a U of Delaware student?

Thanks for the post, I had not been able to get to making a copy.

  Donner by William Higinbotham - 10/14/2011 14:03

I use to work at Brookhaven National Lab as a technician. The people there are trying to reconstruct a 3400 model with external circuitry that was used during open house at BNL in 1958.

  Donner 3500 Manual by Bill Degnan - 11/30/2011 08:49
Thanks for the link. For anyone looking, that is a general theory manual, not the manual for the 3500 specifically.

  Still looking for a manual by keith greenhalgh - 11/30/2011 13:09

I'm still looking for a manual. I have this restored with the patch cords but cant try it out without the manual. If you want to see a picture of it and the parts that go on top go to Flicker and search for keith greenhalgh. Thanks Keith in victoria

  Donner 3500 Manuals Posted by Bill Degnan - 12/02/2011 15:28
Donner 3500 Instruction Manual

Donner 3101 Dual Amplifier and 3732 Multiplexer

Donner 3500 Brochure

  Thanks by keith greenhalgh - 12/02/2011 15:45

Thankyou for the 3500 manual. Now I can try to use it. Thanks again! Keith in Victoria Canada



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