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  GRiD Model 1040 GRIDLITE PLUS by Bill Degnan - 04/03/2009 21:55
My personal favorite 8088 GRiD laptop is the Model 1040 GRIDLITE PLUS.

The GRiD 1040 had a blue on blue LCD display. This specimen has both the internal 3 1/2" 720 disk drive and an external model 3402 5 1/4" drive.

This laptop came out in 1988, but I recall seeing this model in service as late as 1993. Unfortunately the power supply was poorly designed. Many still-functional system exist if you can find a working power supply for it.

The GRiD external 5 1/4" disk drive required it's own separate power supply.

DOS is stored on a ROM, and the version is 3.21. The ROM drive is "A", the internal 3.5" disk drive is "C", and the external 5 1/4" drive is "B". Not typical.

I seem to remember that Alt+TAB will allow a person to boot from the internal 3.5" disk drive. It's been a while since I supported this model.

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