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New blog on (some) rare and old computer


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  New blog on (some) rare and old computer by Fritz Hohl - 03/25/2009 11:14
Dear all,

if you like this blog, you might want to consider also this (I admit it, my) blog:

A major contribution (at least that's what I hope) of it is my Ebay prices list of some rare computers together.

The blog is all about some rare computers, about the rarity of old computers, and mostly theoretical thoughts about collecting rare computers. In contrast to this excellent blog, you won't find technical how-tos or technical tips and tricks.

I'm looking forward your visit.


  spreadsheet version of price list? by Bill Degnan - 03/30/2009 20:36
Do you supply a spreadsheet version of the chart of systems and prices found on your blog?

  Spreadsheet version: yes by Fritz Hohl - 03/31/2009 08:13
Yes, there is also a spreadsheet version (in fact this was there first, and then I decided to increase the visibility by adding the conclusion sheet als as html :-):

The explanation is available under http://randoc.wordpress....bay-price-list-updated/



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