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Pictures from TCF 30


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  Pictures from TCF 30 by Bill Degnan - 04/19/2005 14:49

Trenton Computer Festival April 16, 17 2005
College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ, USA

These are pictures of most of the computers that were displayed with the notable
Kelly's Tandy Model 12, Model 16, and TRS 80 Model IV.
Bill's KIM Rev B.

If anyone would like to post pictures of these computers, please send them to billdeg at a oh el . commm

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and for the generous trades.

I hope everyone was able to get all of their gems safely back in storage! Of course
when I got home my Commodore 128D worked fine...Stage fright I guess.

I had a lot of fun. Count me in for future events!



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