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Apple //GS (II GS) Battery


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  Apple //GS (II GS) Battery by Bill Degnan - 11/18/2017 11:58
Apple II // GS Battery
Pictured is the original 1/2 AA Lithum battery dated 1/8/1987. The voltage measured from the terminals was nearly 0. Although the battery was not leaking yet, eventually it will leak and if left unchecked ruin the motherboard. So I snipped it off, leaving the posts still attached and folded out of the way. Click image to view larger version of image.

Apple II // GS Battery
Snip, battery removed. If I used this computer a lot I might put in a new battery, but it's not necessary to have it for anything I need. One could attach clamp-end wires to the snipped posts and on the other end install a battery holder so that a fresh battery can be installed as needed. Or I could remove the board and solder in a new battery. It's best if you ask me to remove the battery and be done with it (similar to the Amiga 2000 Click image to view larger version of image.

I have been systematically going through all computers that have batteries to replace or remove them.

Side story. I got this computer in the early 2000's for $5. As you can see, it looks like it was never used. The insides is almost entirely dust-free. The system came with a single word processing disk containing a diary. It appears the original owner bought the computer, started a diary and quit after a few days never to use the machine again.

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