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Archiving Apple II disks


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  Archiving Apple II disks by Bill Degnan - 11/23/2008 08:15
Test subject:
Apple II GS with 3.5 and 5 1/4" drives, ADT 1.21 and a bunch of diskettes.

Apple II GS Computer running ADT 1.21

I decided it was time to learn how to archive Apple II disks by copying them (somehow) to a modern computer. I chose an Apple II GS as the bridge system because it has a 3.5 and 5 1/4" disk drive, and it can read old Apple II diskettes. The question is how to take make disk images and save them to 3.5 disk, and then find a modern system to read the 3.5 disks. Finally I will need to be able to both run the disk images in an Apple II emulator, and also move disk images from other sources to the Apple II GS for extraction onto 5 1/4" in Apple DOS 3.3 format for use on an Apple II (II-->IIe).

[1 archive diskette]
[a] Apple II orig disk -->Apple IIGS
[b]AppleIIGS 5 1/4" original -->Disk Image on 3.5" drive.
[c] Read disk image on modern computer Emulator program.

[2 download and extract images]
[a] Modern Computer Disk Image-->Apple IIGS read-able disk
[b] from AppleIIGS 3.5" disk run program to extract disk image to actual Apple II disk
[c] run disk on Apple II..IIe

Pictures of Apple II GS Computer

Next: There is a cable found on Adt pro that allows a person to copy files...??

  Apple IIGS 3.6v MB Battery by Bill Degnan - 11/28/2008 13:49

3.6 V Internal battery, dead but not leaking. It's time to change the battery.



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