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Intel MDS 720 Dual 8 inch disk drive


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  Intel MDS 720 Dual 8 inch disk drive by Bill Degnan - 07/30/2012 15:51
Intel MDS 720 Dual 8 inch disk drive 1979
The Intel-branded model MDS 720 dual 8 inch disk drive enclosure. Click image for larger view.

The "before" image before restoration starts. These are very rare, I could not find any info about this drive on the web, but it looks to have Shugart 800's in it. We'll see...


  Shugart 800 Jumpers Intel MDS 720 by Bill Degnan - 09/30/2012 20:49
..and after an extensive cleaning...not bad. The insides are in great shape, belt is solid.

Took extensive photos of the controller boards for both Drive 0 and Drive 1, so that one can set up a MMFM Intel drive should they not have the original Intel MDS 720 available.



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