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ADM-5 terminal.jpg 233,982 KB
Amiga 1200.jpg 294,884 KB
Amiga video-exhibit.jpg 320,140 KB
Amiga video-exhibit2.jpg 470,337 KB
Apple II Clones kids-use.jpg
Apple II Clones pic1.jpg 408,141 KB
Apple II Clones pic2.jpg 399,157 KB
Apple II Clones pic3.jpg 185,988 KB
Atari Lab-peripheral.jpg 227,362 KB
Atari Lab-peripheral pic2.jpg
Atari Lab in-actionjpg.jpg
Bill with MicroVAX-3100.jpg
BillS explainsCyclops.jpg 131,691 KB
BillS explainsCyclops2.jpg 482,980 KB
BugsOnABus.jpg 469,283 KB
C-128 KipperTerm-Pi.jpg 232,713 KB
C-64 LAN-array.jpg 464,335 KB
C-64 white-keyboard.jpg
C-64 white-keyboard 209,213 KB
Casio HP calculators Docs-etc. 410,475 KB
CBM-8032 CBM-2031.jpg
CBM-8032 CBM-2031 runningZork. 285,115 KB
CBM-PET-2001 Invaders.jpg 338,924 KB
CBM Easy-flash-menu.jpg 115,796 KB
CBM VIC-20.jpg 271,861 KB
CBM VIC-20 inaction.jpg 240,833 KB
CBM VIC-20 Scott-Adams-Display
commodore-rarities.JPG 129,522 KB
Commodore Arduino Interfacing
Commodore Arduino Interfacing 516,636 KB
Commodore Arduino Interfacing 480,170 KB
Commodore Arduino Interfacing 398,899 KB
Core-memory-exhibit.jpg 276,525 KB
Corey Apple1 demo-1.jpg 477,936 KB
Corey Apple1 demo-2.jpg 401,158 KB
Corey Setting-up Apple1 demo-1
Cromemco CCC etc.jpg 262,899 KB
DEC MicroVAX-3100 VAX-4000.jpg
DEC Microvax 3100 VT100.jpg
DEC Microvax 3100 VT100 pic2.j
DEC MicroVax 3300 F215.jpg
DEC MicroVax VT340.jpg 213,948 KB
DEC PDP8m 8-industrial.jpg 242,508 KB
DEC VAX 4000-200.jpg
DEC VAX 4000-200 system-tests.
DEC VT220.jpg 226,585 KB
Eniac Understanding the.jpg 450,982 KB
Evolution User Interface pic1. 388,597 KB
Evolution User Interface pic2. 385,990 KB
Evolution User Interface pic3. 293,219 KB
Heath HeroJr.jpg
Heath HeroJr pic2.jpg 523,221 KB
Heath Z89-system.jpg 96,064 KB
Heath Z89-system pic2.jpg
Hector 2HRBasic.jpg
IBM 5155.jpg 126,041 KB
imsai-8080.jpg 133,212 KB
Ithaca Audio exhibit.jpg 234,247 KB
Ithaca Audio exhibit2.jpg 346,713 KB
Ithaca Audio exhibit3.jpg 337,358 KB
MAC Storage-alternatives pic2. 473,046 KB
MAC Storage-alternatives pic3. 473,022 KB
Mantra Alice-32.jpg
Mantra Alice-32 pic2.jpg 328,668 KB
MITS 8800b ADM-3A.jpg 260,386 KB
OSI Challenger-II.jpg 89,780 KB
OSI Challenger-II TI PC.jpg 416,582 KB
PacMan onPCs.jpg 313,636 KB
Panasonic JR-200U.jpg
PET 2001-N.jpg
Phillips VG5000.jpg
Phillips VG5000 pic2.jpg
Phillips VG5000 pic3.jpg 143,474 KB
PopEle Cyclops.JPG 316,681 KB
PopEle Cyclops2.JPG
PopEle Cyclops3.JPG
PopEle Cyclops4.JPG 330,417 KB
portable computers.jpg 401,059 KB
portable computers pic2.jpg 332,092 KB
portable computers pic3.jpg
Portable Mac-Lisa more pic1.JP 291,019 KB
Portable Mac-Lisa more pic2.JP 408,937 KB
Portable Mac-Lisa more pic3.JP
Portable Mac-Lisa more pic4.JP 322,337 KB
S-100 variety-show.jpg 426,026 KB
S-100 variety-show2.jpg 444,392 KB
Sears-Adding-machine.jpg 86,200 KB
SID-Synth.jpg 336,360 KB
Space Command 1.jpg
Space Command 2.jpg 506,286 KB
Space Command 3.jpg 492,334 KB
Storage-alternatives.jpg 460,147 KB
Storage-alternatives pic2.jpg 488,533 KB
Tei-chassis ByteFPanel.jpg 123,133 KB
teletype DIR
Televideo with-mod-storage.jpg 321,026 KB
Thompson MO5.jpg
Thompson TO-770.jpg
TI Bus-PC ATT 3b1.jpg 318,544 KB
TRS-80-4 TRS-WIKI.jpg
TRS-80 Mod1.jpg
TRS-80 trash-talk-podcast-disp 264,117 KB
Underwood Adding-machine.jpg 111,335 KB
unusual commodore hardware.jpg 297,133 KB
Victor Lambda.jpg
Xerox 820-II pic1.jpg 332,580 KB
Xerox 820-II pic2.jpg
Xerox 820-II pic3.jpg 335,268 KB
Zenith MiniSport-laptop.jpg 318,226 KB


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