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This is a set of photos at the onset of The Computer Church "The Computer Church houses the Computer History Learning Center with one of the largest collections of computers in the USA. Located in Parkesburg, PA, USA." Web Site

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Name Size
AIM-65 System.jpg 319,258 KB
Analog-Computer Michael-P.jpg
Ancient Ship Combat Computer.j 1,789,925 KB
Ancient Ship Combat Computer 2 1,570,158 KB
Box Computer Doll-House.jpg 82,828 KB
computer games.jpg
COSMAC System.jpg 1,124,523 KB
COSMAC System pic2.jpg 1,041,767 KB
Data-General Controllers.jpg 192,685 KB
Donner 3500.jpg
Dynabyte Jade shelf.jpg 125,328 KB
EAI tims.jpg
Heath HP items.jpg 116,776 KB
Heath Servo-recorders.jpg
Hickok 70A Trainer.jpg
Hollerith Desk-Top.jpg 278,148 KB
iasis-inc ia7301 computer-in-a
IMSAI's etc.jpg 2,158,051 KB
IMSAI 4048 Control
IMSAI CBM MITS Heath-EC1.jpg 1,562,833 KB
Intel Prompt-48.jpg
Lexis Nexis Terminal.jpg
Library Shelves.jpg 77,772 KB
Logix electronic-computer.jpg 652,821 KB
Lynx 460.jpg 851,123 KB
MITS items 1.jpg 223,494 KB
MITS Removable-Disk-Unit.jpg
MITS SphereII.jpg 311,688 KB
nascom microIMP printer.jpg
Northstar Heath.jpg 144,347 KB
OSI Challenger-1P.jpg 1,051,488 KB
OSI Challenger C2.jpg 165,316 KB
OSI Challenger C2 drives.jpg 227,064 KB
OSI Terminal.jpg
portables.jpg 1,349,598 KB
PT-SOL IBM-Selectric.jpg 190,856 KB
Science Fair Trainers.jpg 744,514 KB
Setting Up Shelves.jpg 1,282,061 KB
Shelf of Machines.jpg 1,331,486 KB
Shelf of Wow.jpg 1,441,837 KB
sol NRI ADM3s.jpg
Still Packed.jpg 1,331,780 KB
SWTPC 6800.jpg 480,006 KB
SWTPC Terminal.jpg
Unidentified Synchro Trainer.j 1,499,779 KB
UNIVAC card-reader-control-uni 1,433,863 KB


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