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The evolution of American computing is a facinating subject. Computers have been integral in space exploration, aviation, information technology, government, networking, communications, medicine, education, and entertainment since World War II. Great companies like Remmington Rand, IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, RCA, Burroughs, Zilog, Tandy, Apple, Hewlett Packard and many, many others elicit facinating tales of technical accomplishments, capitalism, and personal triumphs. Bill and his associates would be honored to share these stories by presenting themed lectures and hands-on workshops to varied groups with an interest in the subject. We specialize in customized presentations tailored to the needs of the audience.

The following is a list of lectures and workshops from previous engagements. If you wish to have a lecture presentation at your next event please use the contact form below to schedule a presenter.

  • What is Microcomputing History and why is it important to preserve microcomputer systems, software, and manuals?
  • The Early Processor Wars - 1974 through 1979
  • Early Microcomputer Operating Systems
  • Microcomputer Mass Storage
  • The Development of CP/M and other early Operating Systems
  • Computers in the Home
  • Portable Computing
  • The IBM PC, MS DOS, and the Demise of CP/M
  • Apple Computer, and the Graphical User Interface
  • Commodore Business Machines
  • How to restore a historical computer / artifact
  • Getting Your S-100 Floppy Drive System Working and Installing CP/M
  • MidAtlantic Computer History
  • How to operate a front panel computer, HEX, Octal Math, Bootstrapping, etc.
  • Teletype Restoration 101
  • Introduction to Vintage Software Restoration
  • The evolution of the BASIC programming language, a technical discussion
  • Using the Teletype ASR 33
  • 1977: The year of the appliance computer
  • VMS / DEC VAX Restoration 101
  • Historic Hacking Hardware
  • Hearses and hand-held calculators: the unlikely connections that shaped modern technology and tech culture
  • THe Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS) and the Evolution of Microcomputing

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