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CPM-86 disk.jpg
ibm-5150-a 32K.JPG 267,958 KB
IBM-5150-A BASIC-C1.00.JPG
IBM-5150 sn0192592 chassis-off 208,244 KB
IBM-5150 sn0192592 internal-sp 212,096 KB
IBM-5150 sn0192592 keybd-drive
IBM-5150 sn0192592
IBM-5150 sn0192592 rear-closeu 111,284 KB
IBM-5150 sn0192592 rear-view.J 149,122 KB
IBM-5150 sn0192592 rear namepl 152,394 KB
IBM-5150 sn0192592 serial-card
IBM-5151-monitor 01.jpg
IBM-5151-monitor 02.jpg 115,109 KB
IBM-5151-monitor 03.jpg
IBM-C1.00 BASIC.jpg 84,055 KB
IBM-PC-DOS-1.10 monochrome.jpg 107,823 KB
IBM-PC-DOS-2.10 monochrome.jpg
P1010001.JPG 206,638 KB
P1010002.JPG 298,607 KB
P1010008.JPG 24,818 KB
P1010009.JPG 231,246 KB
P1010043.JPG 107,243 KB
P1010050.JPG 95,773 KB
P1010075.JPG 318,625 KB
P1010078.JPG 309,062 KB
P1010079.JPG 248,358 KB
P1010081.JPG 262,565 KB
P1010082.JPG 212,036 KB
P1010084.JPG 179,520 KB
P1010086.JPG 192,409 KB
sn0159618 DIR
sn0239462 DIR


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