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These are the disk images to boot IBM DOS 3.30 (!) on a CBM-II Computer with the 8088 co-processor installed. The files below were taken from Michal Pleban's GitHub page on 11/26/2017. He created a PC compatibility layer to bridge between the 8088 co-processor card and the 6509 processor on the main board (somehow). Check his page for updates. This software boots but there are a number of issues to be worked out. I was most successful using CBM Transfer to copy the D82 image to a 8050 drive via a Zoom Floppy with IEEE connector added. I attempted the D80 image but did not copy over correctly and would not boot to completion. I believe the problem is with the CBM Transfer software. The fact that CBM Transfer thinks my 8050 is an 8250 may be a factor. The reason the copy works at all is because the 8050 "does the work" of actually writing data to the disk regardless of what the CBM Transfer program thinks it's writing to. These problems may go away with future versions of CBM Transfer. The bug has been reported to the CBM Transfer author./a>

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Name Size
host.d80 533,248 KB
pcdos11.d80 533,248 KB
pcdos11.d82 1,066,496 KB
pcdos33.d82 1,066,496 KB
pcdos33a.d80 533,248 KB
pcdos33b.d80 533,248 KB


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