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Early 1024 Rectangular Sense Core

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  by Bill Degnan - 06/07/2017 08:16
Rectangular Matrix Pattern Early Rectangular Sense Core Memory cir. 195x side view
The rectangular sense core wiring is I believe limited to 1024 cores. Diagonal sense (with a diagonal wire axis) replaced it. Click image for larger view.

Rectangular Sense Matrix Pattern Core Memory
Not sure the date of this core, it could have been made in the early 1950's but there is no way to know yet for sure. What computer used this kind of core? The use of diagonal sense core became the standard by 1955. Maybe this was an experiemental core for some engineering purpose. Click image for larger view.

Rectangular Matrix Pattern Early Core Memory cir. 195x
Side corner view. Click image for larger view.

More info on rectangular sense vs. diagonal sense core planes:



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