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Front Panel Repairs

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  by Bill Degnan - 12/22/2016 07:52
Digital PDP-11/40 industrial/11 front panel
Pictured is the front panel with the cover removed. I spent a few hours cleaning before I got to this point, the entire system is pretty rough. Click image for larger view.

Digital PDP-11/40 industrial/11 dead LED front panel lights
This photo shows the 4 lights that do not function. Technically this is a camera trick, but for illustrative purposes, work with me. Click image for larger view.

Digital PDP-11/40 industrial/11 rear view repairs
I removed the dead bulbs and replaced them with bulbs from a donor front panel, that was used in a DEC system but not branded "Digital". Pictured are a few LED cathode/anode pins, poking through the back of the front panel board. Click image for larger view.

Digital PDP-11/40 industrial/11 LED replacement lights installed
The lights from the donor panel have a slightly different resistance and they shine less than the originals. The panel traces are kind of brittle and I decided to leave them as is rather than remove and put in something else. The picture exaggerates the difference, live it's not so bad in normal light, one would not notice during use. Click image for larger view.

Digital PDP-11/40 and industrial/11 front panels next to each other differences
Here is a picture of the front panel plates from the regular 11/40 and the industrial 11. The Rear Click image for larger view.

So far I have tested the CPU cards and amazingly they all work in a basic way at least using the front panel. I spent a lot of time cleaning the front panel, making good progress.

Click for more photos



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