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XEBEC Drive Controller Overheating?

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  by Bill Degnan - 12/16/2016 11:21
If I run a fan directly on the controller while formatting the hard drive I found I can make it through the process. I pull it away for a second and it fails. I need to figure out why.

I learned this while in the middle of re-formatting the drive. During the hard drive format track verification processing, at about 1100 of 1200, a tant filter cap blew on the computer. Smoke everywhere so I pulled the fan from the hard drive controller (I have the cover off) to deal with the computer smoking. Soon afterwards the controller failed and I was not able to access the drive.

Tried it again with the fan on the whole time and it works. I can now boot again directly to the C drive on the external enclosure.

Next locate the cap or diode or whatever that's out of spec and replace it. Probably replace all caps just to be efficient. (Or I can be lazy just run a fan on the controller while in use)



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