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Names for Partitioned RK05 drives

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  by Bill Degnan - 03/18/2012 07:34
The command for listing the directory of partitioned RK05 drives (OS/8)

.DIR RKA0 (first half of first disk)
.DIR RKB0 (2nd half of first disk)
.DIR RKA1 (first half of 2nd disk)
.DIR RKB1 (2nd half of 2nd disk)

if you run .DIR withouth parameters, I believe it will default to the first partition of the first disk.

To run a program (ending in .SV) then use this pattern:

.RUN RKA0:BASIC - for example, if BASIC.SV is located on the first partition of the fisrt RK05 disk pack.

If OS/8 gets out of whack/irresponsive you can get back to the dot prompt by stopping the machine, setting the program counter to 7600, and START.



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