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  by Bill Degnan - 12/12/2016 15:28
I have not had time lately to set up a quad density drive onto my archiving station, so I asked Richard Pickles, below, how he got his machine up and running without a BIOS disk:

From: B Degnan
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 7:12 PM
To: richardpickles123 -at- [domainhere].com
Subject: Re: Televideo PM/286

Can you please send me a link to the set up program? I can post on my youtube video about this machine and people will have a place to go when they ask, I can also put on my web site. I get a lot of inquiries every day, every little bit helps.

I will archive my televideo disks for this machine asap, I have a lot of great stuff for it.

I can believe you get a few enquiries – the only references I can find anywhere on the web for this particular machine were all from yourself other than an Italian website that described the jumper/switch settings. The program I used was from

It works for the most part but the PC will complain about incorrect date/time settings when it reboots. If you run gsetup again, don’t alter the date/time but just save and reboot these errors go away.




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