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  by Nathan Brown - 05/23/2010 20:47
This old system uses hard sector floppies in AES Data Format. 16 plus sector disk.

1) To make new system disk you need
their Copyit (Copyall) disk. This
disk self boots.

2) OS choices
AES office package or CP/M 80

I have noticed in your pitchures
that their no AES Gateway Card or Serial
port card. (The usefullness as is is not great.

Do you have the external pirority printer for it. If you do maybe whe
can make some kind of trad. Like
An older working IBM Pentium 60 running ADSL. Shipping will be costfull bougth ways. This unit needs a lot of hard to locate parts to bring back up th run.

Well thats all for now.

PS. you could try an sales email to
Edlin@TelusPlanet.Net he night buite at it. But most likely he would not (Incomplete unit)



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