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Epson Geneva PX-8


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  Epson Geneva PX-8 by Bill Degnan - 08/19/2007 22:17
The Epson Geneva PX-8 was an early LCD laptop from Epson. It ran CP/M and used a Z-80 processor. The standard storage was a mini cassette, but an external 3.5" disk drive was available.

I have done some preliminary testing of this system, the LCD is a little weak. Fortunately I have a replacement display. I have the complete documentation and extra parts as well as the complete system.

In addition to the PX-8 system I have a CX-80 Acoustic Coupler modem, a PF-10 external 3.5" disk drive, and Dbase II, The "Travelers Pack", and the Epson Software Libarary software.

Looking for the utility disk that came with the PF-10 disk drive.

  Epson PF-10 Utility Disk by Bill Degnan - 12/24/2007 00:09
Got a utility disk! Next: making disk copies.

  Epson PF-10 Disk Drive by Bill Degnan - 09/24/2012 13:02
The internal battery from the Epson PF-10 external diskdrive. The drive itself is a model SMD-165. The drive will not functiopn until the battery is charged, or replaced.

Acquired diskette, working to replace battery. Note - the utilities disk is not needed to boot, the system will automatically assign a drive letter when the external drive is detected.



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