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Scientific Data Systems 420


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  Scientific Data Systems 420 by Bill Degnan - 10/22/2020 15:51
Scientific Data Systems SDS 420
The SDS 420 computer is a 6502 CPU computer with Persci model 277 dual 8" disk drives and proprietary operating system. Click image for larger view.

More pictures

I received the computer in pieces. The CPU board and RAM expansion board have a 1977 date on them but the actual machine was produced or last upgraded in 1979 (?). I worked with one of the engineers who built the computer, Bill Scheding, to re-assemble it. The Persci drives require repairs but overall everything looks good and should be fully restorable. I have a lot of notes and will post asap.

Next - Rehab the drives and boot up the system. Document the memory map and archive the software.



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