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1966 SDS Sigma 7 Teletype ASR 33


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  1966 SDS Sigma 7 Teletype ASR 33 by Bill Degnan - 10/16/2020 14:05
1966 SDS SIGMA 7 nameplate and manual. This was among the earliest 32-bit computers sold. Click image for larger view.

Cover removed from a Teletype Model ASR 33. This machine is configured to communicate with an Scientific Data Systems "SDS" Sigma 7, which dates it at about 1966 or so. In 1970 SDS put out their confusingly-named SDS SIGMA 6 which included a lot of the optional items found in the 7, standard. Xerox later bought SDS and renamed everything with an "SDS" to XDS. Click image for larger view.

Run Relay unit embedded within the UCC-6 (power supply) used to control the papertape reader remotely. This was necessary for program compiling and related use by the SDS Sigma 6. Click image for larger view.

SDS nameplate at the base of the pedestal. Click image for larger view.

Don't think I am getting all wimpy and soft because I have been working on 32-bit computers lately, there's always time for a good Teletype project.

  Cleaned Up by Bill Degnan - 10/22/2020 14:59
Teletype Model ASR 33
Click image for larger view.

The insides are in worse shape than the outsides at this point. The printer is pretty gummed up, the print head is corroded with something and the foam on the bottom has turned to dust. There is a phone and some other extension box to be analyzed, but for now it's at least presentable.



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