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Intel 4040 IM 1010 PROM Programmer


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  Intel 4040 IM 1010 PROM Programmer by Bill Degnan - 07/30/2020 17:51
The International Microsystems (IMI) IM 1010 PROM Programmer has an Intel 4040 microprocessor. Pictured is the programmer with the 2708 / 2716 pod option inserted. These pods can be removed and replaced as needed. The system has both Burroughs Panaplex display and serial output, one can switch between them. Click image for larger view.

I have a lot of notes and the schematics. The programmer was donated in a non-working state but I am hoping we can get it rolling again. This programmer has pods that can handle 2708, 2716, 2716-1V, 2732, 2758, 2532.

I am unfamiliar with TIGEN 1 and IM ROSI, but these labels appear as options (ROSI RAM/EMULATE/PROM).

  NOTES / Repairs by Bill Degnan - 02/05/2021 10:47
Click image to view PDF.

Howie Zwik's original repair notes.

Closeup of the 4040 and 4201 chips (see Zwik's notes). Click image to see entire CPU board/zoom out.

I replaced the 4201 chip to follow up on Howie's troubleshooting conclusions, but doing so did not resolve any issues. The system is still DOA.

NEXT - Circle back to the RAM and then the power supply. Get a better understanding of what's doing what here. I have schematics. The goal is to repair so I have something to program 2708 ePROMs



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