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1980 Cromemco 3102 Terminal


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  1980 Cromemco 3102 Terminal by Bill Degnan - 03/18/2020 22:22
The 1980 Cromemco 3102 terminal was made by the Beehive corporation and re-badged for Cromemco. Click image for larger view.

Pictured is the 3102 Terminal with a 1981 Cromemco System One. The terminal has a larger footprint than the computer. In real life, the terminal would sit on the desk and the computer was probably installed under the desktop in a custom enclosure. Click image for larger view.

Pictured is how one would boot from the B drive, using RDOS. The first command "B;;;" is optional. Click image for larger view.

More photos and the 3102 manual



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