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VCF Mid West ECCC 2018


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  VCF Mid West ECCC 2018 by Bill Degnan - 09/17/2018 00:38
The opening minutes of the 2018 Vintage Computer Festival slash Emergency Commodore Computer Convention, September 15, 2018. Click image for larger view.

Cactus 6502
Z demonstrating his Cactus 6502 computer with front panel. Click image for larger view.

Can you guess what computer is under the hood of this add-on keyboard? Click image for larger view.

PiDP 11/70
So when will the PiDP 11/70 become available? My name is on the list...pictured here is a prototype to demonstrate Oscar's new kit. Click image for larger view.

It has been too long since I attended this convention but I am really glad I made it in 2018, in their larger venue. Seems like they're going to need to get more space - so much stuff! I did not exhibit this year but I took a lot of photos. The hobby is changing and this event is leading the way. Jason and team really have it down and I believe they understand the hobby and what hobbyists want in a convention like this. Nearly all attendees have said that they really love the mix of exhibits, workshops, and sales in one place - a smorgasbord of attractions.

In addition to the great classic computers I also really enjoyed Mike Willegal's SCELBI 8B talk and the showing of the remastered video from 1994 "Unauthorized Access". Brings back memories when I was into all that stuff!

I took a minute or so of video when everyone was still setting up:

Want more photos? Then you shall have More!



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