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Sun Sparcstation 10


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  Sun Sparcstation 10 by Bill Degnan - 01/09/2018 21:09
Sun Sparcstation 10
Cover removed to show the motherboard and attached componets of the Sun Sparcstation 10. Note ROSS processor upgrade and TurboXGX display card. Click image for larger view.

Sun Sparcstation 10
This SCSI to SD adapter serves as hard drive. A lot faster and more reliable. Click image for larger view.

Installed an SD to SCSI drive and Jon Chapman (glitchworks) installed onto that Sun OS Release 4.1.4 from the internal CD drive (I think or external drive). Either way , it works. the only issue is that from the serial console there are points where one needs to change from 8/n/1 to 7/odd/1 and back again. Jon took my dead battery in exchange for an RL01 disk pack. He also sent me a replacement NRVAM battery to hold the configs. The system may run without it but one has to go through extra hoops to initialize the system each time it's cold booted.

Sun Sparcstation 10
Sun TurboXGX graphic display adapter. The Sparcstation does not recognize the TurboXGX with STP3010GPA chip after the new NVRAM installation. To install I need to consult the guru web sites. Click image for larger view.

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