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Sun Ultra 1 Creator Needs Battery


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  Sun Ultra 1 Creator Needs Battery by Bill Degnan - 11/25/2017 09:24
sun ultra 1 boot error
With a serial terminal attached, the Sun Ultra 1 workstation displays the point of failure upon boot. False color image taken without flash. Click image for larger view.

The keyboard lights when power is applied and it appears that the system attempts to read a CD if present in the CD ROM drive. That's kind of good news. Consistent with a bad NVRAM chip there is nothing coming through the hi-res display. I have 2 unformatted harddrives installed and a Solaris 9 CD (system came with it in the CD drive). I think the system is freezing when it gets to the point of attempting to access the CD drive, but that's just a hunch. Does not matter if there is something in the CD drive or not. The harddrives I have installed are unformatted. They're 10K rev's drives, I speculate they will be ok once I get some sort of install media in action.

I found that if I don't plug in the graphic monitor and Sun keyboard, and leave only the serial terminal plugged in it completes the post diagnostics and ends on an "ok" prompt.

I was told to visit this site for commands and admin directions for cases such as mine:


I was told to do a "printenv" and get a reading on what the system thinks is where.. also "probe-scsi" to see SCSI devices are seen. "probe-scsi-all" will be necessary if you have your drives external or on more than one SCSI bus.

If the SCSI ids of the drives and CD appear correct, then I was told that I could try a "boot cdrom"

If they don't match, I can either reset the alias for "cdrom" (and/or the disks) using the "devalias" commands, or just use the long device string from "show-devs" or "probe-scsi" for the appropriate device with the "boot" command.

This worked. Disconnected all but the serial device to get past the log-jam. I can run the printenv and run through the configs. Ultimately I want to load this Solaris 9 CD that I have here (I guess unless anyone has a better ISO I can download) and get the workstation environment running. Need to do more research, format the drives I installed, etc. Much work to do.

Next: replace the NVRAM.

  Video by Bill Degnan - 01/17/2018 11:08
Installed new NVRAM battery, but I ultimately for this and the SUN Sparcstation 10 I need a SUN-compatible video that can handle the green synch of the SUN controller cards. For now I am going to put this project on hold.



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