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Soltoff IBM 5150 with AST HotShot/286


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  Soltoff IBM 5150 with AST HotShot/286 by Bill Degnan - 06/11/2017 22:28
AST HotShot/286 upgrade board. To install one would remove the 8088 chip from the motherboard and replace with the small controller card with embedded 8088 installed. From this card a cable runs to the HotShot/286 board, with i286 processor. The negative to this arrangement is that the 286 processor is on the ISA bus. Click image to see this set

Many years ago LDOS creator Roy Soltoff gave me an IBM PC model 5150-B. Both hard drives were marginal and eventually went completely dead. Roy's computer contained an AST HotShot/286 card so I thought it was worth backing up his files and putting in a new hard drive. The drives were too far gone, but I was able to use the Seagate ST11R drive controller to prepare a in place of the two ST-225s that had been installed.

Seagate ST11R drive controller



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