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Computer Encounters (of the 011rd Kind)


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  Computer Encounters (of the 011rd Kind) by Bill Degnan - 06/02/2017 01:05
Interesting trade show promo pin. Presumably "Computer Encounters" is a reference to the 1977 movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind. I could imagine a sales rep traveling from San Antonio to the 1977-78 Trenton Computer Festival and/or PC '77 (Atlantic City) or '78 (Phila) convention with a small box of these pins. The chip itself appears to have been cut, the die is off center. Click for larger view.

The rear of the hand-cut pin, just two pieces of cardboard and a styrofoam pad in the center to hold the chip. I still need to check to see if Computer Encounters company was a sponsor at any of the Philadelphia events.

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