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VCF South-East 2017 Apr 30-May 1 2017


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  VCF South-East 2017 Apr 30-May 1 2017 by Bill Degnan - 05/03/2017 08:42
David Larson and David Greelish smling for the camera at the Vintage Computer Festival South East brought to you by the Atlanta Historical Computing Society (AHCS) and hosted by the Computer History Museum of America, Roswell, GA. Click image for larger view.

A Binary Digital Logic Computer by exhibitor Jim B. Steiner. Click image for larger view.

Retro Japanese Computers — exhibitor Thomas Liebert Click image for larger view.

Computer History Museum of America's PDP-15. This particular PDP-15 was part of a lab which included a PDP 8i serving as a machine data interface and various industrial lab equipment. See link below. Click image for larger view.

Here is Evan Koblentz's Lego robot. He re-assembled it from memory, as FedEx apparently includes disassembly as part of their service. There is always a risk if one ships their exhibit, maybe next time he'll take his robot on the plane. Here is a pic of the Laser 128 computer that drives the robot. click image to view larger view.

My exhibit was the DEC Rainbow I happened to be working on. I threw it in the car and drove from Phila to Atlanta to attend the event. You can also see my PiDP8 in this photo. It's connected to the Rainbow serial port so that from the Rainbow one can log into the Pi zero within. The PiDP is networked and also has the IRSSI IRC chat program installed. With this set up exhibit visitors were able to chat through the Rainbow with vcfed forum members on I alternated the chat with a nice color chess program called ChessWright. The Rainbow color display capabilities are pretty good. We had the VR241 connected to a Pole Position II arcade video board for a while. Click image to view larger view.

See photos of exhibits

Computer History Museum of America Photos

  pics look great !! by Daniel Roganti - 05/04/2017 08:42
The pics look great !!
Wish I could've made it there too



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