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Vintage Computer Festival East 12


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  Vintage Computer Festival East 12 by Bill Degnan - 04/07/2017 10:54
Bill Degnan Appliance Computers Talk at the Vintage Computer Festival East 12, 2017
I was the Sunday Keynote speaker, my talk was titled, 1977: The year of the appliance computer

Event Photos
1977: The year of the appliance computer (Download PDF)

The photos I took do not do justice to the actual exhibits and how they looked in person. First off they were all an amazing amount of work, classy, and great teams. All three mega exhibits were "best" in show as far I am concerned. We were talking about what we'll do next year with teams, never too early to start planning. I'd like to propose we try a vintage networking cluster, "pass the packet" or something like that. I like this idea because any type of connected computer can particpate.

I'd also like to thank the panel participants for helping me at the Sunday keynote. I also got a lot of good video to work with, I am looking forward to putting something out sooner than later.

The DEC M9312 ROM card I bought from the consignment table worked (yay), I have had trouble finding one on Ebay. These cards are used to bootstrap devices on your PDP 11 UNIBUS system de jure.

Next year I'm back, I plan to exhibit my DEC industrial/11 computer which is mostly restored functionally, I just need to pretty it up.

Lastly, I hope to be able to make it to VCF SE, my schedule looks to be opening up for that. I will be bringing my camera.



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