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TRS 80 Model 1 Early Magazine References


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  TRS 80 Model 1 Early Magazine References by Bill Degnan - 05/26/2007 16:27
Currently working on my VCF East 3.0 exhibit, the 30th Anniversay of the TRS 80 Model 1. I scanned some research materials for possible use. These are the earliest references that I could find to the TRS 80 Model 1.


Regarding the so-called low-cost "appliance computers" unveiled in 1977: the Apple II (Jan) came well before the PET (June)or the TRS 80 Model 1 (Aug). The TRS 80 was first publicly displayed in August of 1977 at Computermania (Boston) and I believe also PC-77 (Atlantic City), both on the same date.

  which is first appliance computer? by Bill Degnan - 08/13/2008 22:55
Making an update to the orig. post.,,,

There was a PET demo in Jan 1977.



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