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1968 CDC List of System Installations


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  1968 CDC List of System Installations by Bill Degnan - 08/20/2016 08:54
2 Full-sized rack enclosures for a circa 1965 Control Data Corporation Model 160-A Computer. CDC 160-A Control Console Click image for larger view.

The iconic twin displays of the Control Data Corporation Model 6600 Computer (Cyber 70) control console.
View of CDC 6600 Racks Click image for larger view.

After my trip to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California I was inspired to look through my archives to see what info I had about the Control Data Company. In addition to reference manuals and normal stuff I also found a very rare and interesting document published by CDC that contains a listing of system installations as of February 1968. The 1700 appears to have been their best seller. I will update this thread as I add more docs to my online collection, but in the meantime here for the first time on the WWW:
List of System Installtions
Control Data Corporation
Analog-Digital Systems Division
February 1968



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