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  HOPE 11 by Bill Degnan - 07/22/2016 00:25
Friday night - I have simh installed on my raspberry pi, and I am using my laptop to connect via the serial port, two usb to serial cables and a null modem adapter. works well.

root@raspberrypi: CD BIN
root@raspberrypi: ./pdp11
sim> SET CPU 11/40
sim> SET CPU 16K

To make sure everything was working correctly I set up a PDP 11/05 per this page and loaded BASIC

To exist BASIC - use ctrl+E to return to the sim> prompt.

Next I attempted RT-11 by following the directions here: (Noel's site)

root@raspberrypi: cd /bin
root@raspberrypi: ./pdp11
sim> do inst.ini
Overwrite last track? [N] y
follow directions on Noel's site to set up your PDP 11/23+ environment.

Noel finishes with directions to create a run.ini that you can load and bypass the install steps.

sim> do run.ini

NEXT: Adapt this for a 16K system, to see if one can load and run RT11 5.

  RT 11 v 5.3 needs 32K by Bill Degnan - 07/23/2016 11:24
I altered the run.ini file (pdp 11/23+ 256K RAM) to emulate an 11/20 with 32K instead. The reduced configuration will load RT-11 v5.3. Next I attempted the 11/20 with only 16K RAM. This appears to be too little RAM, simh bombs, I cannot load the operating system.



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