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PDP 11 9312 ROM Inventory


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  PDP 11 9312 ROM Inventory by Bill Degnan - 06/08/2016 14:17
Here is a list of the PDP 11 9312 ROMs I have on hand. I have many duplicates if you see this list and would like to buy a ROM from me, or trade something:

751A9 RL01/RL02 (DL)
752A9 RK06, RK07 (DM)
753A9 RX01 floppy disk, S.DEN (DX)

755A9 RP02/RP03 (DP), Massbus RP04, RP05, RP06, RM02, RM03 (DB)

756A9 RK03, RK05 DECdisk (DK), TU55, TU56 DECtape (DT)

757A9 TU45, TU77, TE16 Massbus tape (MM)

758A9 TS03, TU10, TE10 tape (MT)

759A9 RS03, RS04 (DS)
760A9 ASR33 (TT), PC05 (PP)
761A9 TU60 DECcassette (CT)
764A9 TS04, TS11, TU80 tape (MS)
765A9 TU58 DECtape II (DD)
767A9 MSCP disk, including UDA50, RAxx, RA80 (DU)

811A9 RX02 floppy disk, double density (DY)
248F1 - A0 SG
990A9 - RA80 VAX ONLY
811A9 - RX02

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