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1993 Digital DECpc XL 566


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  1993 Digital DECpc XL 566 by Bill Degnan - 11/24/2014 11:58
Digital DECpc XL 566
In November 1993 Digital Equipment Corp introduced its XL line of PC computers which included two Pentium I CPU PCs, the DECpc XL 560 and 566. The price for the model shown here was $4,399. Click image for larger view.

This particular machine works quite well and is very clean. I plan to set it up as a vintage 1995 web designer PC, with my original programs and files from that era. This one has an ethernet card in it, which is kind of cheating, the average designer in 1995 would have had a 33.6 kbaud modem. On the other hand if you could afford $4000+ for a PC in 1995 you might was well throw in an Ethernet card as well, eh?




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