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MAI Jolt 6502 SBC 1975


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  MAI Jolt 6502 SBC 1975 by Bill Degnan - 06/16/2014 17:14
MAI Jolt 6502 microcomputer SBC
The first production 6502-based single board microcomputer - The Jolt pre-dates the MOS KIM and Apple I.

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I had mentioned this system in a "past issue" of when I used to make hard-coded pages for this site.

  Origin of the name JOLT by Bill Degnan - 12/21/2018 12:18
Ray Holt's business partner was Hispanic and he used to call Ray "Jolt" which is the reverse-anglicized spelling of the word HOLT if written in Spanish. i.e "Jolt" in Spanish is pronounced "holt".

There were about 5000 JOLT units produced, first designed in 1974, far pre-dating the Apple I.

Hear it from Ray Holt from an interview on YouTube:



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