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MARCH Workshop Photos Summer 2013


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  MARCH Workshop Photos Summer 2013 by Bill Degnan - 08/05/2013 22:41
Photos of the Mark 8 Minicomputer card edges. Click for larger view

Mark 8 testing video:

Ohio Scientific Challenger II set up. Click for larger view

This was another fun event. Not so much a workshop as a working get-together event. Evan brought a truckload of vintage computers and items for sale, which kept us distracted for three or four hours inspecting and buying items whose proceeds went to the widow of the original collector. Included for sale was two or so dozen Apple and Mac computers, more than a few Tandy systems, a bit of Commodore, lots of Sun workstations, IBM and Compaq portables, odds-n-ends, a Zorba, and a lot of software, parts, and monitors.

We then settled into working on various items including a PDP 11/44 (basic operations OK), the Mark 8 on loan to the club (which appears to be funcational), MARCH's PET Educator (bad display), and 20 or so items from the sale pile. Bill Drom. brought an OSI Challenger II to image a few 1702 proms, Al Hartman worked on a few TRS 80 systems, etc.

Last count I recall 3 systems that went up in smoke.




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