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Transplanting ASR 33 Power Supply


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  Transplanting ASR 33 Power Supply by Bill Degnan - 11/27/2012 17:51
a Teletype ASR 33 UCC-6 (call control unit) power supply
Pictured is a UCC-6 unit removed from a Teletype model ASR 33. The UCC-6 is the power supply for the printer, keyboard, and punch (but not the reader). Click image for larger view.

Transplanting the power supply (the UCC-6) from one Teletype model ASR 33 to another (or from a KSR-33) is much easier than I thought it would be. I thought that there would be a lot of complex re-wiring, desoldering, and re-soldering. Not so! Here are the simple steps.

Teletype ASR 33 UCC-6 terminal strip
Step 1. Remove the molex plugs attached to the back of the UCC-6. Just leave them hanging so that you can see the terminal strip. Next remove the ground connector marked "A", leave it attached on the other end. Remove the screw in position "B" in the photo above using a nut driver, set it aside. Click image for larger view.

Next remove the screws in positions C, D, and E using a nut driver. Click image for larger view.

Lastly remove screw marked "F". Click image for larger view.

The entire UCC-6 will easily pull out. Install the replacement unit and re-attach the screws, ground, and molex plugs. NOTE: If the computer interface was attached to the terminal strip, you'll need to re-attach that, too.



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